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Tree of Life

Opening May 27th! About Terrence Malick:

There is a touch of Stan Brakhage (who was a fervent Malick admirer) in this poetic ambition: to film the things of the world (people, animals, flora and fauna) before they acquire their names, before they coalesce into firm shapes, objects, identities … Indeed, Brakhage made a film called “The Animals of Eden and After” – and could there be a better title for the cinema of Terrence Malick, with its obsessive central myth of Eden before and after the Fall?

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Being James Franco

Ahead of his Oscars co-hosting gig, here’s last July’s New York Magazine profile:

Plenty of actors dabble in side projects — rock bands, horse racing, college, veganism — but none of them, and maybe no one else in the history of anything, anywhere, seems to approach extracurricular activities with the ferocity of Franco.

Take, for instance, graduate school. As soon as Franco finished at UCLA, he moved to New York and enrolled in four of them: NYU for filmmaking, Columbia for fiction writing, Brooklyn College for fiction writing, and — just for good measure — a low-residency poetry program at Warren Wilson College in North Carolina. This fall, at 32, before he’s even done with all of these, he’ll be starting at Yale, for a Ph.D. in English, and also at the Rhode Island School of Design. …

Franco says all of his pursuits are possible, at least in part, because he’s cut down on his acting, but he’s still doing plenty of that. In the next year or so, he’ll be appearing in the films Eat, Pray, Love (as Julia Roberts’s boyfriend), Howl (as Allen Ginsberg), 127 Hours (as the one-armed hiker), Your Highness (a medieval comedy), William Vincent (an indie film by one of his NYU professors), Maladies (put out by his own production company), and Rise of the Apes (a prequel to Planet of the Apes). And of course there’s his epically weird stint on General Hospital — the crown jewel in the current science project of his career.

All of which raises a small army of questions:

(1) Can James Franco possibly be for real?

(2) If he is, then — just logistically — how is all this possible?

(3) And perhaps the biggest mystery of all: Why is Franco doing it? Are his motives honest or dishonest? Neurotic or healthy? Arrogant or humble? Ironic or sincere? Naïve or sophisticated? Should we reward him with our attention or punish him with our contempt? Is he genuinely trying to improve himself or is he just messing with us — using celebrity itself as the raw material for some kind of public prank?

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“Medieval comedy” Your Highness, by the way, is a lowbrow affair co-starring Natalie Portman (!) and directed by David Gordon Green (!!). PG trailer here, very dirty R-rated trailer here.

Jew Got Served


Gwyneth goes country




The “companion film” to this week’s episode of Radiolab.

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Werner Herzog reads Curious George

But one cannot help but wonder whether a creature of the true jungle can find actual happiness in a facsimile such as the zoo, or whether his and the other animals’ terrible nature will someday overcome the walls and attack human society from within.